Last Year

We have not started building Treasure’s cat scratcher yet, but we did pull out our photo albums this week. It reminded us of last August, right after Mommy had retired. Auntie S. and Mommy were preparing for a trip to Prince Edward Island, where Auntie planned to walk the Confederation Trail – the whole trail … Read more

And, the winner is…

Our favourite librarian, H., was the judge for our cat scratcher design contest. Mommy said she was the perfect judge because she has two cats of her own, so she knows what kitties like and don’t like. Before, I announce the winner though, Joy wants to show off the new dress she got for back … Read more

The Swimming Pool

Auntie R. said this Himalayan rock crystal would warm us up before we went swimming, and then the water would feel more refreshing once we got in the pool. Luna and Vera liked it a lot, but I got kind of bored just sitting there. So, I did some more exploring while my sisters warmed … Read more