What a Day!

Phew! What a day we’ve had! Busy, busy, busy…

We got an email saying a book we had put on hold for Granny had come in, so off to the library we went, even though we had just been there yesterday. No one is allowed inside the library because of the Covid-19, so we waited our turn outside the front doors.
It was hot in the sun. We decided to wait on the cart instead of on the sidewalk. It was a lot cooler there.
M. brought out our book. We like M.. She is always cheerful. Even when she has a bad day, she thinks about how the next one will be better. You can tell she is smiling behind her mask, because her eyes are crinkling up at the corners.
Michael wanted to see what the inside of the book return box looked like. H., our favourite librarian, said he had to wait until she disinfected the slot. They got into a little argument about that. H won.
It was dark in there, but Michael saw some books at the bottom. H. said he better not fall in or she would have to put him in quarantine with all the returned books. Michael laughed, but I think she really meant it!

When we got home, we helped Mommy make a lemon cheese pie for dessert tonight. It was hard mixing the cheese into the lemon pudding, but the good part was, we got to lick the beaters when we were done. Yummy! Yummy!
After all those other tasks, we finally got down to the one we had planned on doing today. We picked out all the colours for the rug pattern. Mommy says she might need a few more, but these are all the ones she is going to start with for now. Picking them out was like playing with a rainbow, except we didn’t meet any leprechauns

4 thoughts on “What a Day!”

    • We can’t wait for the library to be open properly. We miss just browsing the collection, and going exploring, with H.’s permission, of course.

  1. I just loved reading about the kids visit to the library. They made me smile :)) after what was turning out to be a rather miserable day! Thank you!

    • It was sweet to hear that we made you smile. That is mostly what we hope for with our small adventure tales. Truly wishing you a better day tomorrow.


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