We’re Making a Rug

We’re helping Mommy make Auntie S’s rug in dollhouse size. The first step was to get a photo big enough that we could see the shapes and colours well. The artist, Marjorie Duizer, who made this rug did an amazing job! We just hope ours will look half as good.
We had to tape our graph paper together to make it the size we wanted. The rug is going to be made on 18 count Aida cloth, and will be about 4 1/2 to 5″ square. The pattern looks really big though, because we only had 1/4″ graph paper. It took us a long time to sketch out the pattern, so we took lots of breaks.
It took all day, but we finally finished the pattern. It’s a little messy looking, but Mommy says it is perfect. The next step is to choose all the embroidery floss colours. That might take longer than making the pattern, but for sure, it will be more fun! We are going to start choosing our colours tomorrow. We’re too tired right now from working all day yesterday…besides which, we want to go pick up our library books this afternoon. We’ve ordered in some really good ones. We can’t go in the library to browse yet because of Covid-19, but at least we can put holds on books and pick them up at the library doors. We have the best librarian, too, so it is always fun to visit with her.

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