The Prettiest Town in Ontario – The End

On our last day, we went to visit the lighthouse in Goderich. It doesn’t work as a lighthouse anymore, but it still stands as a part of the town’s history. It is actually a square shaped lighthouse instead of a circular one. We tried to look inside to see if there was anything interesting in there, but it was too dark to see if even any animals had moved in.
The lighthouse is a heritage building, and there are signs explaining some of its history close by. This plaque is on the front of the lighthouse beside the door.

This is the main door the lighthouse keeper would have used. You can see the heritage sign to the right of the door.

There was another door on the shed attached to the lighthouse. We think this is where the lighthouse keeper would have kept the supplies needed to maintain the lighthouse.

Goderich is located on the eastern side of Lake Huron. It has a beach boardwalk, but we could not walk there because it is being repaired this summer. Up on the cliff with the lighthouse though, the views were spectacular! The lake and sky constantly changed shades of blue and green.

There is a working salt mine under the harbour in Goderich. Sometimes ships can be seen docking at the harbour, and the lighthouse keeper would have seen them coming for miles. Auntie says a lot of erosion took place on the lake’s shoreline, but that the town worked hard to re-naturalize the shoreline to combat the erosion.

It must be wonderful to live so close to Lake Huron. You could watch the water and trees in all the changing seasons. If I lived in Goderich, I would want to learn to paint, just so that I could paint the lake and shoreline with all their glorious colours.

Here is a view of the harbour from a road that parallels the lake.
Goderich has gardens everywhere. Lots of people who live in the town volunteer to look after the gardens. It takes a lot of people to keep the town the prettiest in Ontario!

It was funny because everywhere you go in the town, there are signs telling about the history of Goderich, but we couldn’t find any signs explaining why there were cannons like this one along the shores and roads. Still, the cannons are pretty impressive. Imagine the first person who designed such a weapon? Vera thinks there have been engineers around from the beginning of time, even if that is not what they were probably called in the past.
Isn’t this tree magnificent? We wanted to sit on every branch, but it was so tall, it was hard to get to even the lowest branches.
The ship or boat that used this anchor must have been humongous!

Mommy let me take this picture all by myself. I really need a camera of my own!

We had a great time in Goderich. It really is the prettiest town in Ontario. Of course, we think it is definitely prettier since Auntie and Uncle went to live there. They make everything in life better.

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  1. I love all the greens and blues in the photo’s. So beautiful! You can tell that Goderich is rich in history. It has a story to tell….


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