Painted Furniture

We finished painting our new chairs this week, and Mommy made us a table to match. We have a wheelbarrow, too. Now that the weather is getting so much warmer, we have plans to sit outside and read.

We also have a wooden pull horse on wheels, and a credenza for when we have our own living room. Mommy is going to make us a runner for the top of the credenza so we don’t have to worry about scratching it when we put things on it. The rug is one that Mommy made for us.
Here is a dresser for our bedroom and a chest to keep some of our things in. Mommy made this rug, too. Whenever we go to Michaels or the Dollar store, we look to see if there are any wooden furniture pieces that we would like to have.
This is our toy crate, but it is big enough to play in when it is empty. Our horsey likes it a lot. Maybe it will end up being his stable, because he doesn’t look as if he wants to share it!

2 thoughts on “Painted Furniture”

    • Hmm, they might actually like that. They could play on it, and when they are done, they could wrap themselves up all cozy. Maybe it is a future project to be seriously considered.


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