Our Second Day in the Prettiest Town in Ontario – Part 4

When we woke up the next day, Bruno introduced us to all his brothers. They had been hiding in a drawer all night. I hope it wasn’t because they were afraid of us! They seemed pretty friendly so I think they were just a little shy. They told us all about how brave Bruno was when a bigger dog was biting his ears one time. They were very proud to have him for a brother.
When we went downstairs for breakfast, we met Auntie’s dolly, and Teddy. They were playing with their stuffies. They said their stuffies talked to them and said they liked our dresses, but I think they were just trying to fool us! Not about the dresses, just about the talking.

Auntie is a quilter, and she pulled out a whole bunch of her quilts to show Mommy, because we hadn’t visited her at home for so long. This isn’t a quilt, though. It’s a rug that rug artist Marjorie Duizer made, that Auntie bought. We love the colours and design. It looks like pebbles under water in a lake or at the bottom of a fishbowl. We asked Mommy if she could make us a rug like it in cross stitch, and she said she could try, but only after she finishes the two cross stitch pictures she is making right now. Sigh…it is hard to wait for things sometimes…

After breakfast, we had to wait (We do seem to wait a lot!) for Auntie and Mommy to make their plans for the day so we hung around with the hummingbirds in the living room. This tree was so much fun to climb because it has tons of branches. Vera and I would like a tree like this, too. We would make decorations for every season of the year to hang on it. We might even let Michael and Joy hang footballs on it, and maybe Treasure, hang cat toys on it.

This wonky tree wall hanging was the quilted piece that I liked best. It reminded me of that Christmas story about the little tree.

Vera liked this bright one that looks like a stained glass window to her.

Mommy liked this whole panel one because Auntie set it in such a gorgeous border.
Auntie used beads to make the wall hanging shine! (Mommy didn’t say so, but we think she liked this wall hanging so much, too, because it reminded her of going to China a long time ago to adopt our big sister…)

Auntie likes lattice work and she uses a lot of it in her quilts. She has an amazing eye for colour and placement.
Sometimes she uses 3-dimensional objects on her wall hangings. They always look really “funky,” which Mommy told us is a word to describe something unconventional, but excellent!
Like this chair…now that’s really funky!

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