The Dollhouse in the Prettiest Town in Ontario – Part 3

Auntie has a dollhouse that she made from a kit. She let us play with it while she was making dinner. We think it is beautiful.

Auntie does not want to put dolls in her dollhouse, but we brought our dollhouse family to visit. They were happy to have a family photo taken on the upstairs balcony.

They were outside admiring the roof trim and the leaded windows. It must have taken Auntie a very long time to make those windows! They are one of the things we like best about the house.

On the first floor of the house, Vera sat the Daddy and Baby at the dining room table.

I put the Mommy in the kitchen to wash the dishes after she made some cookies.

Upstairs, the Sister is just finished making her bed. Auntie needs a rug in the bedroom so Mommy says she will make her one. The floor must get cold in the mornings. Vera likes the canopy and bed curtains on the double bed, but I think I would get claustrophobic if I slept there.

I put the Brother in the bathroom to wash his hands. I was pretending that he had just helped plant the flowers in the windowsills.

The Brother and Sister were looking after the Baby in the sewing room. Even though there is not a lot of furniture in this room, they had to make sure the Baby did not get hurt around the sewing machine.

I like this room best, but I was afraid to play with anyone in here because it would have been too easy to knock the chess set over!

There was even a secret room in the dollhouse! Auntie has not decided what this room will be yet, but we think it should be a spy room. She could put all kinds of things in there, like spy goggles, a giant computer, a telescope, dark tinted sunglasses, walkie talkies, maps, secret code books, and maybe even a wardrobe with disguises in it.

Of course, since she does not want dolls in her house, the disguises should fit us so we could play with them whenever we visit.

After dinner, Auntie and Mommy caught up on all their news, so Vera and I just chilled in our new chairs. Auntie was knitting as she talked. Vera wants to learn to knit now. Mommy says she will teach her sometime soon.
Maybe, Vera will make Treasure a pretty blanket for her cat bed.

At bedtime, Auntie’s dog wanted to sleep with us. Isn’t he cute? We called him Bruno, because we did not know his real name. He was super friendly.

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