Auntie’s Garden in the Prettiest Town in Ontario, Part 2

Auntie has a huge garden that fills her whole backyard and most of the side and front yards, too! In the garden, there are all kinds of fun things like this driftwood tree, and unusual rocks all across her deck’s railings. Luna and I spent almost the whole afternoon just exploring among the plants.

But first, we chose our favourite deck rocks

Luna liked this turtle rock that Auntie saved from dying in a forgotten garden in Toronto.
I liked this hedgehog. He looks so friendly!

Auntie has what seems like a million different plants. We had never seen some of the kinds she has, so it was really fun to walk through the garden finding so many new ones.
There were lots of pathways that went off into secret corners. I think, even though we explored for hours, that we still may have missed seeing some of the plants…
Luna says she felt like she was in a fairy garden. We looked for fairies after that because we wanted to talk to them. I read once that if you see a real fairy, the fairy will grant you a wish. It was a little disappointing because if there were any fairies in the garden that day, they hid really well.
I am pretty sure if we had gone out around midnight, we might have found some fairies. Otherwise, why were these mushroom seats in the garden? Too bad, Luna forgot to set the alarm clock…

Auntie and Uncle each have a funky chair to sit in. Auntie said we could use them to relax.

Mommy bought us some chairs just like Auntie and Uncle’s. We are going to paint them tomorrow, now that we are home. This fountain is for the birds to come and enjoy.
Sometimes, chairs just aren’t needed!

We met some dragons, too. Luckily, they were friendly ones.
There were lots of purple flowers in the gardens. Auntie says that in a few weeks, there will be all kinds of other colours to see. We are hoping she will invite us back to visit again so we can see them all.

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