The Prettiest Town in Ontario, Part One

With some restrictions lifting, we went to visit Auntie S. in Goderich, Ontario. Uncle was on a birding expedition, so it was just the four of us, Auntie, Mommy, Vera and me. Vera and I were really excited to see Auntie again, because we hadn’t seen her for months.

We went for a walk in the central square to admire the gardens and park.

The weather was just right, and the park was filled with lots of green plants and sunshine.

There are all kinds of different trees in the park. Auntie knows the names of most of them, but we can’t remember the names she told us. This is one of Auntie’s favourites though, and Vera has decided it is one of her’s, too. It is super tall. Mommy had to back up a long way to take this picture!

This tree is my favourite because I like the way the bark is all raggedy. It looks like a three dimensional work of art.

I really like the ferns under the tree, too. The many shades of green blend together to make an oasis of cool refreshment. (Vera says I am being silly, because you can’t have an oasis unless you are in an exotic location, but I think she is silly, because you can have an oasis in your imagination anytime you want, so why not in Goderich? She says that I should have used the word “refreshing,” but I think “refreshment” is a better choice because the greens cooled me down just like a cold lemonade would have. Sisters can be so, so, soooooo annoying.)

There was a hurricane here a few years ago that destroyed almost all the trees in the square. This is one of the trees that didn’t make it so someone carved into it to create this bagpiper. This is Vera’s most favourite tree. I think it is neat the way the artist carved brickwork behind him as if he is standing in front of a wall.

Vera says she would like to learn how to play the bagpipes. She might be good at it, I guess, but I think it would be hard to learn, and she might scare our kitten, Treasure, at first with all kinds of screechy sounds.

If I could learn to play an instrument, I would pick a guitar so I could sing along with the music at the same time. You can’t do that with a bagpipes. Vera says I could sing while she played the bagpipes, but I think I would get a sore throat if we tried that.

There is a bandstand in the park, and these are the seats people can sit on when a show is going on. It’s easy to social distance right now, but it’s sad to think the seats are going to be empty all this summer.

There were quite a few of these huge planters around. The linings are eco-friendly, and hold a whole bunch of flowers. Vera and I had fun climbing them. Mommy says we were lucky no one was around to see or we would probably have gotten into trouble, but we couldn’t help ourselves! All the playgrounds have been closed for so long, and look at those grid wires!

On the way back to Auntie’s house, we stopped at Mommy’s favourite antique shop. Mommy and Auntie looked around forever in the shop, and Mommy bought some pink glassware. When she went to pay, we had to go next door to use the debit machine in the embroidery shop, and we met this dog there.

He let us pet him for a bit before he climbed under the counter into this box. The antique man said this is the dog’s bed during the day when the stores are open. He didn’t lie down though. He just kept staring at us while we stared back. If it had been a staring contest, he would have won…

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