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Grandpa is in hospice, but since the Covid-19 restrictions started, we have not been able to visit him. We went to drop off a Father’s Day gift for him today though. You have to use the hand sanitizer, even if you are just dropping things off at the reception desk. (We know it’s a little early since Father’s Day isn’t until next Sunday, but we got him some sweaters because he is always cold, and we wanted him to have them right away. He said he put one on as soon as he opened his gift.)
The hospice is in the same building as the veterans’ home. We could see the great hall from the reception desk. Before Covid-19, there were always lots of veterans and their visitors sitting in this hall watching the people and birds outside, through the huge windows. It looks so empty without its regular tables and chairs – as if no one lives there anymore.
When we were allowed to visit before the Corona Virus hit, Joy explored the downstairs of the hospice building. There were lots of interesting tributes to the veterans. This is a book that explains some of the things the soldiers, nurses and other war time personnel did during the First and Second World Wars.
These carvings on the wall are next to the information book. The carvings depict scenes from Canada’s war history, and this lovely tribute to the nurses who looked after the soldiers.
Joy and I both love this poem about Flanders Fields and the soldiers buried there. It makes us cry sometimes, but we’re glad our soldiers are remembered and honoured.
There are other things to see in the hospice building, too. This old model of a sailing ship is really detailed. It is a good thing it was behind glass or Joy would have been trying to captain it, for sure!
Joy liked this old car a lot, too. Granny remembers someone having one like it when she was little. She used to sit in the rumble seat, which she thought was the “bee’s knees.”
This photo that we’ve used once before to thank our veterans, was taken in the hospice, also. This big display is near one of the front doors where everyone will see it when they enter the building.
This is a beautiful painting that is by one of the back doors of the building. We liked going out the back door, just so we could see it each time.
One of Grandpa’s favourite things about the hospice before Covid-19, was this little dog. Her name is Trinket, and she came to visit him every Friday. Sadly, the “no visitors” rule applies to dogs, too.
We miss Grandpa a lot, but we know the nurses and other staff at the hospice are taking good care of him. Now that the weather is warmer, they take him to sit outside in the garden, and he likes that very much. We’re hoping we will be able to visit him again soon. In the meantime, Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

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