Oh Boy! A Real Outing!

With the Covid-19 pandemic, we haven’t had a real outing for the longest time, but today, we’re off to Auntie R’s to print something for Mommy. We’re so excited! Mommy says we can do our daily exercises over there for a change. We’re tired of being stuck at our house all the time. The only outings we have had for two whole months, have been to the park or to get groceries. We still have to social distance, so no hugs, but at least we get to see Auntie and Uncle and our cousins.

Auntie and Uncle have this great exercise pad just the right size for us. For our warm up, we are starting with some sit ups. Joy and Luna are having a little trouble keeping to form, but that’s okay. It’s all about keeping your body moving, anyway.
We’re all good at jumping jacks. My heart is starting to pump now! Michael is keeping count for us. One, two, three…
We only have two skipping ropes so Vera and Michael are going first, and then the rest of us will have turns, too.
Luna and Sofia are having a race while Vera, Michael and Joy are having a water break. I’m the referee, cheerleader and judge, all in one.
We’re ending with a push up challenge. Last time, I won, but maybe today one of the others will beat me. I don’t think it will be Luna or Joy though. (Just between you and me, they try hard, but neither one of them is a natural athlete. They have lots of other talents though, so that’s okay.)


2 thoughts on “Oh Boy! A Real Outing!”

  1. The highlight of the day is getting out of the house! Whether it is getting the mail, going for a car ride or exercising! What fun and you got to spend it all together!


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