Trees with Personality

What a difference a week makes! Today, instead of rain and snow, we had sunshine and warmth so Mommy and I headed to the park to check out the trees.

We found trees with new buds that looked just plain happy to be growing in the sunshine again.

There were also trees that seemed a mite slow at getting back to growing, but they were all making a start at least.

And, there were trees that still seemed to need a lot of help just to stay standing upright.

This tree is wishing everyone peace.

And this tree is old and lonely so I gave him a hug.

This tree keeps getting pushed over by the winter winds.

But the wind has made the tree a perfect place to have a picnic . This spot on its trunk is where I will sit and eat one day this summer, with my friends.

This tree is sheltering a pretty garden, and it’s contributing, too, by dropping seeds to the ground with the help of the breeze. A few seeds even hit me in the head while I was checking out the flowers!

Here is a tree that seemed to offer itself as a great place to rest.

It was actually pretty comfortable.

This tree likes to share. There were all kinds of plants under and around, and even on, this tree.

This tree is a cheerleader for all the plants it protects.
This tree is right outside the fire station. It’s a perfect colour match. What more can I say?

This tree is a nurturer, guarding over a memorial plaque for loved ones gone from our world.

This tree isn’t here anymore, but it has left a beautiful reminder of how splendid it used to be.

This tree is real proud! Yay, Canada!
Okay, these aren’t trees, but it is a lovely spring day, and the tulips are awesome colours.

Do you remember the trees in “The Wizard of Oz,” that grabbed at Dorothy and her friends? This is as close we got to this one!

I think this tree is crying. Maybe it wants Covid-19 to be done so people can come and play near it again?

This is my first selfie ever, so I wanted to take it with a tree, of course!

Don’t forget to give your favourite tree a little love today.

2 thoughts on “Trees with Personality”

  1. The tree outside the fire station is a Japanese Maple. Beautiful! Everything looks green and healthy. Makes us think of happier days to come (Covid Free)


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