Memories of St. Jacobs

Before everything closed down because of the Corona Virus, Sofia and I went with Mommy and Auntie to St. Jacobs to visit another quilt store. I didn’t want to go looking at fabrics, but when I found out we were going to eat at the Stone Crock first, I changed my mind. The food there is so yummy!

They have this really cool old rocking horse there, too. Sofia and I can’t reach the pedals, but that’s okay. I think the people who work there would get mad if we started riding it for real. It was fun to pretend anyway.

After we ate our lunch, Sofia and I rode all the way to Toronto and back.

Another thing we like about the Stone Crock is the big chairs they have by the front door. If you have to wait for someone, they are very comfortable to sit in.

Here we are waiting while Mommy looked around the restaurant’s gift shop. I was hoping Mommy would buy me a wooden truck, but she didn’t. She said I have enough cars and trucks at home. Sofia laughed, but she didn’t get anything either.

After we had lunch with Auntie, we all drove to St.Jacobs Quilt Company Ltd.. It’s kind of a new quilt store that hasn’t been open that long, but Mommy and Auntie think it is a great place to buy quilting stuff because it has all kinds of fabric and other supplies.

Sofia and I like the quilt pattern on the window of the store. That’s the lady who owns the store in the window.

There are lots of things to see in the store. This old sewing treadle machine is right by the door. Mommy said her Granny had one just like it. She used to play with the threads in her Granny’s desk drawers, and make the treadle go up and down and all around.

The lady has a bed right in the middle of the store. It has this cool quilt on it. Mommy said it was so people could get inspired to make quilts, but I bet when the lady is all alone and gets tired, she naps there. Sofia and I tried all different places on the bed, and they were all really comfy!

Auntie said we had to stop fooling around though because the lady wouldn’t like it if we messed up her quilt.

There was this really neat machine behind the bed. It’s for quilting big quilts. The lady showed us a picture of her cat on it. She said that when the machine was at her house, the cat would get on top of the quilts and not get off, so she couldn’t get her quilts finished.

That cat sure was funny!

There were so many fabrics in the store, Auntie and Mommy took a really long time choosing some. Sofia and I found this one that we liked, with monkeys all over it. It’s the one we would have bought, but we don’t know how to sew, so we didn’t. Next time though, I’m going to ask Mommy or Auntie to make me something out of the monkey fabric. Maybe curtains for my bedroom?

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  1. I’m surprised the bed didn’t have a “wedding quilt” on it. That seems to be the one everyone looks for, right?

    • Yes and no…it used to be a very popular traditional quilt and still is, but lots of quilters like newer, more modern designs to go with all the beautiful fabrics available now.


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