Forget the Yeast and Flour!

No one has answered our ads about Treasure, so we get to keep her – Yay!

Mommy and I went to Walmart to see if we could find her some bowls for her food and water. While we were there, we looked for yeast (none) and flour (a few bags) for our Granny. I asked if we could look at the fabric to get ideas for my bed’s quilt, but when we got to the sewing department, this is what we found! Covid-19 strikes again…

Treasure got her food and water bowls, though. I wanted to get her pink and purple ones, but red and green were all they had in stock. Treasure is probably going to think it’s Christmas all the time.

We are all really glad Treasure is going to stay with us and be our cat.

At night, she takes turns sleeping with us in each of our beds.

Shhhhhh…don’t tell Mommy.

2 thoughts on “Forget the Yeast and Flour!”

  1. What a beautiful cross stitch dress! Love the colour too. Glad that Treasure is there to stay and why can’t it be Christmas every day?!


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