A Kitten!

When Mommy went for her walk in the park today, she looked up in a tree, and found a kitten! She was just sitting there, staring at Mommy.

When Mommy went closer to try and pet her, the kitten jumped to another branch, but she kept looking at Mommy as if she wanted to play.

After a bit, Mommy started on her walk again, but…
every time she looked back, the kitten was there, following her.
She kept her distance, but she stayed with Mommy her whole walk.

When Mommy stopped to look around, the kitten would even stop and wait for her. She looks pretty relaxed here.

Mommy thought the kitten would run away once she left the park, but the kitten didn’t! She followed Mommy right across the road to our apartment building.

She even waited at our apartment door while Mommy found her keys. She didn’t meow or anything. She just waited patiently, and then walked right in like she lived here, when Mommy got the door open.

We gave her some food and water. She was very hungry.

Mommy says we will have to post some “lost kitten” signs around the park, but the kitten looks like she has been on her own for awhile.

Mommy says that if no one claims her, we can keep the kitten. Luna wanted to name her right away, even though we aren’t sure whether we will get to keep her yet. Luna called her Treasure, because she said finding a kitten is a little like finding lost treasure. We agreed, so Treasure she is.

We made Treasure a bed, because she looked awfully tired. We sure hope we get to keep her!

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