Looking for Spring

It was such a lovely day that we decided to take Trevor for a walk and look for as many signs of spring as we could find in the park. Of course, we couldn’t help stopping to admire some of the fire department’s trucks in the parking lot first.

It wasn’t hard to find a first sign of spring. Trevor stuck his nose in the dandelions as soon as he saw their bright yellow showing in the green grass. Unfortunately for him, the dandelions made him sneeze! Poor little Trevor…

We found lots of trees sprouting new buds. Trevor didn’t like that we were able to climb the trees while he couldn’t, so Mommy helped lift him up with us.

Sammi thought the tree with the red buds was really cool, but I liked this one better. Which one do you like best?

Trevor got tired of watching us climb trees so he went looking for something more interesting. I guess every dog has a favourite hydrant somewhere in the world.

Last week, Mommy showed us this picture of giant pods on a tree in the park, We wanted to see that tree so badly, we went looking for it today. We got a big surprise, because all the pods had fallen to the ground. They were gigantic! Sammi and I could hardly lift one up by ourselves.

Trevor tried to bite this one, but we made him stop in case it made him sick.

Trevor found some flowers, but Finn found another sign of spring that we don’t like at all! Who’s supposed to pick this up? It’s totally gross!

No buds on this one yet, but the red branches were pretty cool.

We liked this one lone tulip. It’s kind of like the “Little Engine that Could.”

Trevor spied a whole bunch of birds around a tree, but of course, they all flew away when he went near them. When he got closer though, he found out why they had all been hanging around that particular tree. Yum!

Here’s a bird Finn and I spotted.

We liked the way the sun cast the shadow of this fence. Yay for spring sunshine!

Because of Covid-19 restrictions, we still weren’t allowed to play on the swings and slides, so we decided to play a quick game of Hide-and-Seek, before the park security people came around to tell us not to…

No one is allowed to use the park benches either, but Sammi had to tie his shoe, so we stopped here on this box for a minute. The red flowers reminded us of Remembrance Day poppies, because they were such a bright red.

We did a Little Rock climbing after Sammi got his shoelace tied.

Another great sign of spring – the water in the creek was running fast. (We had to be careful not to fall in. Mommy held onto our feet for this photo!)
These trees looked funny with their dead leaves all sinking toward the ground.

We found this huge leaf lying on one of the garden borders. Okay, we know it wasn’t real, but still, it was pretty amazing. It was our last find for our signs of spring challenge. We were glad to see it today, because in the winter, it’s buried beneath a ton of snow.
Spring is definitely here!

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  1. What a great adventure at the park. I really like the maple tree probably because I love the colour red it turns in the Fall. I didn’t see any handsome firefighters beside the truck. Were they hiding?


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