More Covid-19 Pastimes

As time goes on without opportunities to visit friends and family, everyday activities begin to lose their power to amuse. It has been a month of social distancing, and we are all bored, so Mommy decided to look for something we could do that was different. It had to be something in the house which made it kind of hard, but then she remembered this building kit she purchased on sale last year. It was the perfect activity!

This Mega Construx kit was one of a set that featured Wellie Wisher dolls. In Canada, not all the sets were available, but Mommy found two of them at Winners last year.

Emerson loves that the little doll is her mini-me. She put on a show in the theatre last night. It was kind of silly about a fairy who wanted to be a cowboy, but it did make us all laugh!

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