DIY Kruseling Beds

Finding furniture for playscape dolls can be difficult and expensive so why not make some yourself? I made beds for my Kruseling dolls using the following simple materials bought at my local Michaels craft store:

1/4 to 1/2 inch foam core boards, pre-cut rectangular wood pieces, wooden spools, acrylic paint and small paintbrushes, and white glue. The cutting knife and board were dollar store finds, and I had 1/4 inch graphing paper, pencils and scissors in my crafting stash already.

Materials needed to make Kruseling beds

As you can see, I made six beds, one for each Kruseling doll. I chose rectangular headboards with laser cut corners for the girls and a plain rectangular headboard for Michael’s bed.

Stay tuned for directions on how to make these easy beds.

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