An Outing to The Library

Even though we don’t live in Caledon anymore, we still go to our favourite library there. It is the Margaret Dunn Branch. We always have a great time at the library because there is so much to do and see. And even though Heather, the librarian, says she doesn’t like tiny people like us, she always welcomes us in to enjoy ourselves. We like Heather.

One of the things we like is that the library displays art from different local artists. These are some of our favourite paintings.

We didn’t think to write down the artists’ names.
Which is sad, because they did such beautiful paintings.

There are lots of computers to use, too. We like to play games and write stories on them. Sometimes we watch videos or do research for our homework. They are really popular though, so we have to wait our turn a lot of the time.

There are games to play on some of the tables and shelves. This is where we learned to play chess. We aren’t very good at it yet, but we will keep practicing!

Of course, one of the best things to do at the library is reading! Michael really likes non-fiction books so we are reading about Rosa Parks here. I like fiction better, so we take turns deciding which books we want to read together.

This is a book I am going to borrow to take home today.

This is a book Michael is going to borrow today.

After reading for a bit, we still didn’t want to go home. It was too cold to play outside, so we decided to do some more exploring at the library.

We found these blue baskets just sitting near one of the shelves. I said they were probably for people to put their books in, but Michael said they were for making into forts. I think I am right, and he is wrong.

You can get lots of exercise exploring a library.

I got to the top first because Michael had a sore knee.

Heather said we had to stop climbing the furniture because it was too dangerous so we found somewhere else to explore.

Michael went in the room, but I was too scared. It was dark in there.

But I should have gone in! Michael made a new friend and I missed it. He looks like a such friendly bear, too.

Just before we went home, we found this really funny sign. “We got the power” to have the most fun!

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  1. I like going to the library too and seeing Heather!
    This would have made a great power point presentation for Library Orientation at the beginning of the school year! The students would have loved it.


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