A Bunny Named Steven

We’re writing a story today.
Once upon a time there was a bunny named Steven.  He was a good little bunny, and everyone loved him.

All bunnies have a talent of their own.  They paint beautiful eggs, or hide things really well, but Steven’s talent was different.

Steven was really good with numbers.
He could count to a trillion, add numbers correctly every time, and even solve hard number problems.  
Steven loved numbers!

But one day, all the kids in his neighbourhood found out about Steven’s special talent.
They locked him up in a cage, and made him do all their math homework.
Steven tried to escape by gnawing on the bars of the cage, but he just ended up with a toothache.
Steven still loved numbers, but he didn’t like being locked up in the cage.  
One day, another bunny hopped by the cage.  “What a funny home you have,” she said.
Steven didn’t want her to know that he was stuck in the cage, so he told her it was perfect because lots of fresh air came through the bars.
“But how do you get your food if you are in there all the time?” she asked.
Steven bragged about how all the children brought him carrots and lettuce very day.
“Don’t you miss the fresh clover in the fields?” asked the other bunny.

Steven did miss the clover.  He knew couldn’t tell any more lies.  He told the new bunny how the children kept him locked up, and made him do their homework every day.
“That’s not fair!” said the other bunny as she hopped away.

That night, Steven was sleeping in his cage, when he heard a sound.  It sounded like a lot of thumping.

The thumping came closer and closer.
The other bunny had come back, and she had brought all her friends with her.
Together, the bunnies pushed and pushed until the cage toppled off its base.  
Steven was free!
The bunnies invited Steven to live with them in their meadow.  He accepted right away.

Steven still loves numbers, but now he uses them to count the birds and flowers he sees when he goes hopping in the meadow with his best friend, Sabine.

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