An Outing

We live near a beautiful park, but because of Covid-19, we could only go around the outside today.
The playground is usually swarming with kids…sigh. No swings or slide today.
But trees aren’t off limits!
Of course, you have to be careful! I’m good at this though.
The city is preparing for Covid-19 to go on for awhile, I guess. These men are taking down the exercise circuit equipment in our park.
The volleyball area looks sad without anyone playing.
But it is kind of neat to be able to stand on the skateboard park steps without getting run over.
With all the self-isolation going on, it’s hard to remember that spring is coming.
This tree is so beautiful! It sure makes me welcome sunshiny days.
The running track is closed. There are big signs saying so.
We’re spying on this guy who didn’t get the message…
Another piece of evidence that Covid-19 won’t stop the world from moving on.
Do you like flowers? I do. This one will keep us going until the live tulips start blooming.
Our outing is almost over, but I had fun hiding from everyone for a bit.
Covid-19 is scary, but we will get through it together because we’re strong. And the sun will keep on shining to help keep our spirits high while we wait.

4 thoughts on “An Outing”

  1. Nice that you can walk their from home even if it is around the outside of the park. Great park and lots of good memories for us . We would go there most summer evenings when the children were younger.

  2. You had a great day at the park! So great to see the sun in your photos! Sad that everything has to close down but better safe than sorry! We will get through this and then we can say…..remember when?….


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