Things to Do During Covid-19

Try a new craft! This one was made using a Cricut machine, but there are lots you could try: painting, knitting, crochet, origami, scrapbooking, colouring, papercrafting.
Luna and Vera are learning to cross stitch. Luna is a natural, but Vera is having a little trouble.
Who knew threading a needle could be so difficult?

4 thoughts on “Things to Do During Covid-19”

    • I actually don’t have one. The library in Caledon has a craft club once a month, and one of the activities was learning to use the Cricut machine. It was fun to learn, but I would not buy one as I would not use it enough to warrant the cost. As a teacher, however, I would have used it to cut things for my students to do in art. Taylor should try it out!


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